Our services include:

  • Drawing and opposing bills of costs

  • Written opinions

  • On-site file inspections

  • Adjudication and taxation

  • Expert reports

  • Practice valuations

  • Arbitrations & Tribunals

  • General consulting & advices

Legal Costs Adjudication & Taxation

We regularly attend hearings before the Legal Costs Adjudicators and County Registrars throughout all twenty-six Counties. Furthermore, we can also have bills drawn and taxed in the north of Ireland. Our service ends only when the certificate has been signed and delivered to you.

Filing Considerations, Reviews and Appeals

Should it transpire that you wish to appeal any decision made by a Legal Costs Adjudicator or County Registrar, we can prepare all papers to lodge considerations, including written submissions and ultimately attend to the subsequent hearing and certification of costs. It may prove necessary to appeal a decision to the Circuit, High or Supreme Courts and in this regard we can assist counsel in preparation of all pleadings and attend to give evidence as expert witnesses on your behalf.