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Legal Costs Management – a Legal Practitioner’s Guide

16th March 2022 This booklet which has been in circulation since 2008 has been once again updated to take into account the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 and the Rules of the Superior Courts (Costs) 2019.  Both the 2015 Act and the 2019 Rules were enacted respectively in October and December 2019.  There have been sweeping changes across this area of the law and the booklet deals with the more significant aspects thereof when it comes to legal costs.   [...]

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Legal Practitioner and Client costs – Time Limits

15th March 2022: Pursuant to section 154 (5) of the Legal Services Act 2015, where a detailed bill of costs (drawn pursuant to section 152 of the 2015 Act) has been served upon a client by a legal practitioner and that bill remains unpaid on the expiry of thirty days, the legal practitioner may apply to the Chief Legal Costs Adjudicator for that bill to be adjudicated. Such application must be made within twelve months from the date of service [...]

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